Endangered Animals

Welcome to helpanimalsnow.wikispaces.com. Thank you for joining us here today.

You may or may not now this but, over 16,000 different kinds of animals are endangered, meaning nearly extinct. I am sad to say, it is mostly our fault. Humans are advancing and growing at the expense of some of Mother Nature's other beautiful creatures. Some people believe that animals are lesser beings than us and believe that it does not matter whether or not one more animal dies. What we are trying to tell you is... it does. Every animal on the Earth is important to keep the ecological balance. Some species prey on pests that destroy habitats and crops while others give back to the Earth. If one by one, every one of these animals disappear, the balance will be upturned, and the cycle of nature will be broken. Without all the animals of the Earth, our planet would be overflowing with insect pests, and there would be a lot of shrubbery either dying or growing out of control. We'd even lose our food supply. Every life form on this planet is linked in some way, and the links eventually reach us.

Now what we would like to ask YOU, is if you will help us reach our goal and help these essential creatures of the Earth... Are you with us?