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There are many beautiful kinds of birds that are endangered. A lot of people say "good riddance" because birds are "noisy thieves." This may be true, but there are many birds that help humans, but we don't notice it. Many kinds of birds eat pests that we might be able to kill using pesticides, but one of the leading causes of crop destruction is the overuse of different kinds of pesticides. Pesticides contain harmful chemicals that kill plants and can eventually kill farmers who use it too much. Other kinds of birds eat fish that eat algae. This helps protect underwater ecosystems that might have died from the lack of oxygen in the water. Algae, if it reproduces too much at once, overpopulates the ecosystem and makes blooms which might burst and cause it to prevent oxygen from getting through to the gills of fish. This mass destruction of ecosystems kills the only kind of meat not to harbor any particular disease such as the recent outbreak of swine flu.

Bar-Tailed Pheasant, Syrmaticus humaie
This beautiful bird is a young, male Bar-tailed pheasant. Its habitat is being destroyed constantly, and to exacerbate its situation, it has been considered good prey for hunting for sport, or poaching. Even worse, its chicks are good food for magpies, so it always needs to be on the lookout for lots of predators at once. The rising number of trees being cut down and the amount of money a poacher can get for a pheasant make survival almost impossible for this poor bird.

Peregrine Falcon, Falco peregrinus
This dazzling species of bird is known as the Peregrine Falcon, also known as the Duck-Hawk. They are famous for their astounding speed. For decades, these wild and untamed beauties of nature have been captured from their natural habitats and used in racing. They are treated illy and they have their wings crudely clipped, cramped into small cages, and shipped all over the world. Not many of these birds treated this way survive.

Bald Eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus
The Bald Eagle, America's very own National Bird, is becoming endangered. According to proper records, they have been taken off the official endangered species list in 2007. However, their numbers are still declining. Many people have been taking eagle eggs, nests, and even capturing the birds themselves to use in racing and to sell as pets. Even though this is considered illegal, that does not stop some poachers from taking these creatures from their natural habitats. Bald Eagles once roamed the United States frequently, but are becoming rarer and rarer. Help these white-crested birds soar through the air once again...

Emperor Penguin, Aptenodytes forsteri
The Emperor Penguin is the heaviest and tallest penguin in the world. They are 1.2 meters tall and weigh 30-40 kilograms. These penguins are special because of their habitat and because of their breeding habits. They live in the coldest habitat possible! Temperatures plummet down to -60 degrees Celcius on the Antarctic ice. Thus, their breeding habits are a little different. After the female penguin lays her egg, she quickly rolls it onto the male's feet. The male has a thick fold of skin that incubates the egg for the nine weeks of incubation before the egg hatches. The males survive the cold by huddling together as a big group. While the males incubate the eggs, the females go and feed in the open sea. These majestic animals are becoming endangered because of the explorers destroying the ice and because of global warming.