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There are also many, many different kinds of fish that will soon go extinct because of overfishing and also because of numerous motorboat accidents with fish getting caught on the motors. There is also the case of fishing in areas rich with fish that are actually reserves for the fish - this is actually illegal, but people don't care. We're not asking you to become vegetarians or anything, but people should be aware of of what's happening.

Catfish, Pangasius sanitwongsei
This fish was known to be an omen of good luck in some asian cultures. Sometimes, people eat catfish for food and there are even some that keep them as pets. Catfish are becoming endangered as people used to catch them so they can use the bones to ward off evil spirits, and bring them blessings. Some cultures believed that catfish caused earthquakes as well. The catfish is becoming endangered and you need to do something to keep this unique species from dieing out.

Great White Shark, Carcharodon carcharias
The great white shark, many people believe them to be 'man-eating sharks'. This belief is not true. Great white sharks do not feast on humans as a snack... their favorite food is Sea Lion. This has caused
a few mishaps with surfers, as underwater, their sillohuette is similar to that of a seal, however, these sharks do not usually harm humans on purpose. When they were believed to be a threat, many people slaughtered them to 'protect the oceans'. These days however, three sharks are dying every second because of habitat destruction and commercial fishing for their fins and cartiladge. Their fins are used in food such as shark-fin soup and their teeth are used to make souveniers and jewelry. They are getting tangled in fishing and saftey nets and starving to death... Does no one care for these animals? Without sharks, our oceans would be overflowing with fish that the shark would eat, and the fish devour the plants underwater. This means less food for them all, meaning more dead fish, speeding up eutrophication, causing the oceans to eventually bear no life. Without sharks, the entire ocean's balance will be upturned... only we can help prevent it.