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Many mammals are becoming endangered, some even on the verge of extinction. The main reasons for this are poaching, habitat destruction, automobile accidents, and illegal trade of animals. Not many animals can survive such harsh treatment and we will be telling you exactly which animals need your help.

Bengal Tigers, Panthera tigris
Bengal_Tiger.jpgBegal Tigers are a majestic species that is on the verge of extinction. These swift and fierce tigers are being poached illegally not only for their beautiful, striped fur, but for their bones, claws, and teeth as well. Their bones and teeth are thought to have medicinal qualities and some people believe the claws ward off evil spirits. Because of this, the tigers are hunted, torn apart, and shipped to black markets all over the world. They are also being killed off because they are still considered a threat to society in some places in the world.On top of that, these tigers' habitats and homes are being destroyed to make room for humans. When their habitat disappears, so does the tigers' prey and food supply, along with their food/ Bengal tigers may become functionally extinct in the next few years if nothing is done to help them.

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Black Rhinoceros, Diceros bicornis
99808-004-6DEC88E2.jpgYou have probably never heard of the Black Rhinoceros, even though this animal is on the critically endangered list. Black rhinoceroses are at high risk of extiction, with a very low and quickly declining population. Fewer than 2,000 specimens of thens animals remain, although they were once a very common species. They are close to becoming extinct beause of illegal poaching. Why would they hunt these animals? For their beautiful horns. They are a coveted item in China and the Middle East and a person could gain twice as much money as he could earn in a whole year as a farmer. Africa is a poor continent, and many would do anything to support their families.Today, the black rhino is now found only in very strictly and heavily-guarded nature reserves. Although, as you might have guessed, illegal hunting still persists.

Aye-Aye, Daubentonia madagascariensis
The Aye-Aye is part of the primate family. It is one of the special breeds that live on the beautiful island of Madagascar (no, not the movie...). It is a nocturnal creature, meaning it is most active during the night. The problem is, this species is dying out rapidly, there is a projected reduction of up to half of the aye-aye population. It has a current population estimate of less than 2,500 with signs of steady decline in the subpopulations of these creatures.

Amami Rabbit, Pentalagus furnessi
The Amami, or Ryukyu, Rabbit is a rare, small rabbit only known to live on two islands of Japan. These creatures unfortunately, aren't the most famous little creatures around so many Japanese have never even heard of it. Its main food source are bamboo shoots and berries. Up until 1921, the main threat to these rabbits were hunters after their meat and bones to use for food and medicine. However, the reason these animals have moved up onto the Endangered Species List is because of the introduction of new animals to Japan. There have been photos taken of wild dogs devouring one of these tiny rabbits, or feral cats carrying the carcasses in their mouths. The introduction of the mongoose also contributed to their decline. Humans also are destroying their forests and grasslands, meaning that there is no food and no homes for the poor Amami Rabbits. Scientists are currently attempting to clone these animals but have not had much success. They need YOUR help to continue to live on.