What Can We Do to Help?

Everyone, and we mean EVERYONE can help. You might be saying "But I'm to young to help" or "There's nothing I can do..." but that is not true. Even slight adjustments to your daily lifestyle might save a tigers life, or save a bird from dying. We are here to tell you just a few ideas to help... What you want to do however, is your choice.

Well, one main reason why animals are becoming endangered and extinct is because of the sudden loss of habitats. One way to save the many forest animals that are endangered is to save paper and recycle. Of the many recently extinct animals, many of them died of habitat loss. Saving those habitats by saving and recycling resources is a very easy way to protect the endangered animals. And one better thing, everyone in the world can do it.

Another way to help the cause of saving animals is to save electricity. A lot of small birds die of the electric charge in electric wires. By saving electricity even a little it, you can reduce the current by a lot and save birds and other small animals.

Another way you can save some larger, and more endangered animals is to refrain from buying fur coats or reptile-skin products! We cannot emphasize this enough. Many wild and free creatures are being caught and killed for their beautiful, soft fur or their skin covered in intricate designs. The more people buy products like these, the more they will make for money. Buy faux fur coats and stop your family from buying any alligator skin watches. You are the one who decides the future of these animals, and its your job to help.

Find your nearest animal protection agency and join! This doesn't mean you have to travel 50 miles and volunteer-- all you have to do is donate a little bit of money. They will put the money to good use and take action, saving hundereds of animals in the nation, sometimes even world wide. You could even adopt an animal-- no, you don't have to bring it home! When you adopt an animal such as a Blue Whale, you are promising that you will donate money to benefit the welfare of this animal. Find wild animal adoption program and adopt an animal today!

And don't forget

You don't have to become an animal enthusiast. Just knowing how you can save animals and the environment at the same time is good enough for a first step.